Eric Charles


A little about me...

Introducing Eric, a driven and ambitious member of our KPG family, whose journey in real estate is fueled by his passion for freedom, building a robust portfolio, and being an entrepreneur in this industry. With a focus on helping others achieve their dreams,  Eric's unique blend of skills and qualities set him apart. At KPG, he values the supportive culture that fosters a sense of family, where everyone collaborates to achieve success.

Outside of work, Eric is a multi-talented individual, indulging in his passions for music and sports, including lacrosse, football, and hitting the greens for a round of golf. As the youngest of five siblings, with three nieces and nephews, he treasures family above all else. Eric, now residing in Morristown, originally grew up in Long Valley and gained experience in foreclosures and property management during his college days. 

Eric draws inspiration from his father, Anthony, who believes in the power of determination and resilience, understanding that anything is achievable with the right mindset. Eric strives for excellence in his field to provide his family with the freedom and security they deserve, driven by his unwavering commitment to their well-being. He finds fulfillment in guiding his siblings into their dream homes- he recently helped two of his sisters, Leah and Anna find their homes, an achievement close to his heart. But by far the most memorable moment in real estate for Eric was selling his grandmother's property, a testament to his dedication and the overwhelming demand for his expertise, with over 200 showings and 48 offers in just 1 week.

In the coming years, he aims to continue helping families achieve their homeownership dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With his sights set on continuing to make a difference in people's lives, Eric's journey in real estate will be successful year over year.