Karen Peters

Team Lead & Agent

A little about me...

Meet Karen, whose journey as a top real estate agent embodies the essence of commitment, compassion, and continuous growth. Karen has spent 35 years dedicated to the world of real estate, where she has not only found professional success but also immense fulfillment in making a positive impact on families. Karen's drive for excellence stems from her deep-rooted belief in making a difference in people's lives.

Her career is punctuated by numerous achievements, with a notable highlight being her consistent success in selling homes, helping over 1,750 buyers and sellers throughout her career so far. She has an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, leveraging her negotiation skills and helping her clients navigate challenges effectively. Her passion for marketing, strategy of powerful pricing, and striving to provide the best real estate experience has helped her build and maintain a respected and well-known reputation in the community and industry.

As a Real Estate Team Leader at KPG, Karen thrives in the vibrant, family-like culture, where she celebrates team collaboration and our growth mindset. She finds joy in seeing her team members succeed and witnessing the realization of their dreams, whether it's purchasing homes, getting engaged/married, or achieving financial security. Guided by her business coach from the Tom Ferry organization, she remains motivated by the wins and constantly aims to exceed expectations, both professionally and personally.

Karen's love for family and home remains a central aspect of her identity. She treasures the balance between her professional and personal life, drawing from her experiences of raising three children to prioritize what truly matters. Her loving family includes her husband George, three children—Mackenzie, Madison, and Spencer—and their adorable dog, Oliver. Karen loves to spend time at home, whether it be spending quality time with loved ones, savoring delicious food and wine, or enjoying the peacefulness of gardening.

In the coming years, Karen envisions continued growth and success, surpassing previous milestones while fostering a team of like-minded real estate agents. Her ultimate goal is to continue serving her community through volunteering and giving back, and helping as many families as possible achieve their real estate dreams.