MaryEllen Miller


A little about me...

Meet MaryEllen! Real estate has been a lifelong aspiration for her, a dream she embraced wholeheartedly once the stars aligned and the timing was perfect. With a background in customer service and sales, MaryEllen thrives on working with people and finds immense joy in helping her clients find the perfect home to create new memories in. Her career journey spans a diverse range of experiences; she ventured into cosmetology school immediately after high school, honing her skills as a hairstylist for numerous years. Additionally, she and her husband ventured into entrepreneurship, owning and operating a café together for a successful seven-year stint.

At KPG, MaryEllen values the mentorship from Karen, the team lead and the collective experience within the office . She feels she has been able to achieve great personal growth with the help of the team, most significantly facing her fear of public speaking. This victory, though seemingly small to others, marked a significant personal milestone for her.

Originally from Hawthorne, MaryEllen and her husband, Ken have been Wayne residents for 25 years. They have two daughters, Alyssa and Brittany, and a house full of pets- 3 cats, a dog, and a hamster. They love animals!  MaryEllen's nurturing nature extends beyond her family to her work environment, where her team also recognizes her for her caring nature. In her free time, MaryEllen cherishes spending time with her family, going for walks, enjoying a meal at a new restaurant, or indulging in a shopping spree. She also finds solace in the pages of a good book, nurturing her love for literature.

Her motivation stems from her desire to make her family proud. In the face of adversity, MaryEllen believes in pushing through, knowing that something great may be waiting just around the corner. MaryEllen is passionate about continuing to help people find their perfect homes while also seeking personal and professional growth.